About the Journal

The PAC University Journal of Arts and Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary international peer reviewed journal published by PAC University's Center for Research, Innovation and Publications, Nairobi, Kenya. It is a scholarly journal for research  in Business, Technology, Leadership, theology, Humanities and Social Sciences. The journal is dedicated to high academic standards based on research, in-depth readership and innovative community engagements. The journal will continuously receive concise papers that conform to its guidelines for its bi-yearly publication. The focus of the manuscripts should be original that appeals academicians, researchers, policymakers, administrators and general public.

The areas covered include:Leadership, governance and public policy; Peace, mediation and reconciliation; Psychology, counselling and psycho-socio therapy; Technological innovations; Business, entrepreneurship and economics; Urbanization, globalization and development; Communication and media; Community, organizations and social work; Issues relating to Legislation and Policy frameworks; Social protection and community development; Social, political and environmental justice; International relations and world affairs; Language, literally studies, linguistics and gender; Tourism and hospitality; Politics and security issues; Biblical and theological studies; Religion and society; Education, training and knowledge management; Cultural and indigenous knowledge; and any other relevant topic related to the above-mentioned topics.